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GIRAFFES ON HORSEBACK SALAD original soundtrack album is OUT NOW!!

Updated: Jan 7

Quin Arbeitman's soundtrack album for Josh Frank's graphic novel adaptation of Salvador Dali's never-made Marx Brothers movie GIRAFFES ON HORSEBACK SALAD is OUT NOW on Lakeshore Records.

My part in this was recording, mixing, editing, sound designing and mastering.

This album has been an intense and crazy journey in the making, worthy of a Salvador Dali screenplay of a Marx Brothers movie. It was an amazing experience, not at all easy, and I learned a lot in the process. I am ever grateful to have taken part in this project.

As I have written the back story in a previous blog post, I will simply urge you all to buy the album to support the artists involved, who have dedicated considerable amounts of time, energy and money into this project. The following links are where you can buy or stream the album. Keep in mind that buying the album supports the artists a lot more than streaming, and also lets you keep it in your own library so you can play it any time you want without an internet connection.

Also, if you enjoy the album, please leave a 5-star written review on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and anywhere else you can. It really helps! Thank you, and I truly hope you enjoy listening to this album over and over and over again.

MP3 and streaming:

Enjoy and spread the word!! Peace and zaniness!

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