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What You Get

Neve audio console

You will get a clear, punchy, dynamic mix where all of the elements are working together to create the sonic experience you desire.

Additionally, I offer editing, time-alignment, vocal tuning and noise reduction on a per-hour basis as needed to ensure your mix will sound fantastic!

You can also opt for a Mixing and Mastering bundle at a discounted rate!

Takafumi Kakizaki sitting at a drum set and laughing

It was a tough job, with all kinds of players changing one after another, from saxophone, bassoon, electric bass, guitar, drums, harp, and chorus, but I was impressed by the "clear" sound of the recording, as the name implies, and the excellent turnaround time.
The resulting mix and mastering were exquisitely balanced. 


I could tell that, being half American and half Israeli, he had more respect, understanding, and love for all musical genres than most people.

I believe that a good engineer is one who makes the client feel comfortable with the production, understands the music they are imagining, and communicates well.
If you have him help you with production, you will definitely arrive at a good product.

Takafumi Kakizaki

Musician, Composer, Drums

Fippa Music, Creative Jazz Trio, Dookie's Jam

Ian O'Beirne playing a clarinet

The blend with piano is fantastic, and your turnaround time was great. Plus, you were very attentive to detail and the needs of the client. To me that type of communication is first-rate in an engineer, and in fact more important than the quality of the work sometimes... but in this case, neither are in question.

Ian O'Beirne

Musician, Saxophone

Air Force Band, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Starlight Serenade

Live The Life logo image

Eitan's mix left me with great peace of mind. From the sound of the mix it was clear that Eitan listened carefully to the image of our song and arranged it in a way that was true to the image of the song. I thought it was wonderful not only to retain the image, but also to preserve a sound that is alive, so that the player's breath would not be lost. As the vocalist,  I was especially happy to be able to feel the breathing between phrases.

Takuya Kurihara

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Live The Life



In addition to the attention to the equipment and mixes, I felt that Eitan was very easy to work with as he listens to the artist's opinion first. He was very sympathetic, with the feeling of creating a work without compromise in quality.

Yukinori Tamura


Live The Life

Small Change logo image

Spectacular work; excellent mixing and mastering. Highly recommended. Thanks for the wonderful job.

Ethan Keydel

Guitar, Sax

Small Change

I have worked with Clear Echo on two different projects with my band Small Change. He was incredibly efficient, taking our feedback and quickly producing results that went beyond our expectations. He also experimented with the mixes, adding creative touches to the album. Eitan is a pleasure to work with; I highly recommend Clear Echo for any projects.

Zack Burpee


Small Change

Squirrels From Hell logo image

Thanks so much for that awesome mix. It's the best sounding recording we have. I also appreciate the recording tips that you gave us.

Will Duggan

Bass, Singer

Squirrels From Hell

Wow, you've done it again, Eitan! It's a clean mix. I feel like we have our recording back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Larry Brown


Squirrels From Hell

The Process



Send your tracks as individual 24 bit, 44.1 kHz or higher WAV or AIFF files, all starting from the same starting point. These tracks are the final takes that you want to include in the mix.



You will get a preview of the mix in mp3 format to listen to.

If you would like something changed, you can give me a list of what you would like me to change and I will send you a revision.



You decide when the mix is done.

When you are satisfied with the mix, you will get a 24 bit WAV file ready for mastering.


Contact me today and let's get your music rolling! 

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