Unlike many other studios, Clear Echo uniquely offers flat rates!
Why should this make you excited to work with me?
  • You know exactly what the cost will be for your project so you can plan your budget accordingly.  
  • No stress of paying by the hour.
  • You are free to focus on your music. 
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From ¥25,000 per song

Do you want other people to hear your music the way you hear it in your head? I will mix it for you and give it that natural sizzle that brings your music to life.


Mobile Recording:

¥20,000 ~ ¥80,000

Where do you feel most comfortable to record your music? I'll be there to help you make a clear and honest recording. All you have to do is play your music like you mean it.



From ¥6000 per song

Give your tracks that final touch so your music will sound clear no matter where you play it.

**FREE mix critique included with your order**

Recording Studio

Thinking of starting a project? Need some advice? Let's talk... it's FREE.

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