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Alright! You've got some tracks recorded.  Now let's make your music come alive with a full, dynamic mix that will breathe and inspire you and your audience.

Record your music from the comfort of your own home, an inspiring space, or at your live performance venue. Leave it to me to capture the moment so you can focus on making music.

Give your tracks that final touch so your music will sound clear and balanced no matter where you play it.


Kazoku - Live The Life
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Your music is your lifeblood.


You've spent endless hours and sleepless nights practicing, writing, playing, and sculpting your music to perfection.


Your music deserves to be heard the way it was meant to be heard and the way YOU want it to be heard.

You need a mix, and I've got you covered.

I'm Eitan, a lifelong musician and sound engineer with a passion for hearing music loud and clear. I've founded Clear Echo to provide you with mixing, mastering and mobile recording services, because you care about your sound.


With lots of experience in a wide range of genres and a deep love and understanding of diverse musical styles, I can help you get your music sounding viable alongside your favorite artists.

Whether you've recorded some tracks, thinking about recording or want to turn your live concert into a live album, get in touch and let's bring your music to life!

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"Wow, you've done it again, Eitan! It's a clean mix. I feel like we have our recording back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Larry Brown, Squirrels From Hell

"Working with Eitan on Starlight Serenade was a wonderful experience through-and-through. He was helpful and professional, and gave us a far better result than we ever expected."

-Quin Arbeitman, Starlight Serenade/Giraffes On Horseback Salad

"It's some of the best recording of my sound that I've ever heard, and live to boot!"

-Ian O'Beirne, Glenn Miller Orchestra/Air Force Band/Starlight Serenade


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